The Origin Story of Black Adam: DC Upcoming Superhero

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Black Adam is a well-known DC Comics villain or antihero. In December 1945, he made his comic book debut with the inaugural issue of The Marvel Family. He was formerly portrayed as a complete villain, but now he is almost always regarded in the role of an antihero. DC will release the first live-action adaptation of Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson as the titular character. Today, I'll go over some fundamentals, including the origin of that Black Adam. 

Original Comic Origin  

Shazam, an ancient Egyptian magician, was looking for a legacy to fulfil his power and crucial job as a guardian many years ago. He discovered a noble guy named Teth Adam in the kingdom of Kahndaq. And the magician Shazam bestows his power on Adam in the same way as we bestow power on Shazam as Billy Batson, but Shazam drove his power from the entire form of the Greek gods. SHAZAM is the abbreviation of… 

S - Wisdom of Solomon 

H - Strength of Hercules 

A - Stamina of Atlas  

Z - Power of Zeus  

A - Courage of Achilles 

M - Speed of Mercury 

Black Adam is the exception in this case. The source of his power is the ancient Egyptian gods and, in his case, the full form of the word SHAZAM is… 

S - Stamina of Shu  

H - Swiftness of Heru (Horus) 

A - Strength of Amon 

Z - Wisdom of Zehuti (Thoth)  

A - Power of Aton 

M - Courage of Mehen. 

After taking charge as the protector of Egypt, Teth Adam developed a good relationship with Lord of Order Nabu, a cosmic being who is the source of Dr Fate's power. At that point, Dr Fate also became close to him. Teth Adam also developed a friendly relationship with Prince Khufu, aka Hawkman. Hawkman and Dr Fate are prominent members of the Justice Society of America. However, Vandal Savage destroyed Adam's birthplace Kahndaq later. As a result, Teth Adam loses control of himself and begins to start destruction & becomes Black Adam. 

It was the first or pre-crisis origin of his Black Adam. However, in DC's NEW 52 reboot continuation that started in 2011, like many other characters, the origin of this character has changed a lot. 

The New 52 Comic Origin Story of Black Adam  

Thousands of years ago, there was a city called Kahndaq. Kahndaq was the first magician in the world to name the city after him. But as the violence escalated in the city, he left the city. "Ibac" and his forces captured the city then. Ibac forced thousands of people into slavery in the city, and "Aman" was one of the thousands. Aman is separated from his parents by the people of Ibac, and is subjected to slavery months after months. Unable to bear the torture, he gave up his life and hoped that someone would come and help him. 

One day a man came and rescued Aman and said, "Where have you been all this time? I've been looking for you everywhere". Seeing Aman's eyes match, it was his own uncle Adam. Aman said to his uncle Adam "Where is my mother uncle"? Then Adam said, "Not only your mother, everyone in your family is no longer alive, but I am also the only one alive." Adam cried and then he was attacked by Ibac's men. Adam told Aman to run away, but Aman said, "I will not go anywhere without you." Then they somehow escaped and came to an empty desert, and then a thunderbolt fell in front of them, and they became senseless. 

Later, when their senses returned, they saw a new place called Rock of Eternity. One person from this place said to them, "You are in the Rock of Eternity now, and we are the head of Eternity. Here live all the magicians of the world. Here all the magicians choose people one by one so that before they die, their power can be given to the people who can use it to help the common people to form peace among them and everyone can get along. I have chosen you, so take my strength." 

Then Aman said, "I will take your strength when you heal my uncle Adam". Then the Head of Eternity said, "You take my power and heal your uncle yourself; you call me by my name". Then Aman and his uncle Adam both shouted his name "SHAZAM". Then Aman and Adam got all the power & returned to Kahndaq city. Then Adam said, "Aman, this is the opportunity. Using this power, we can now free everyone from slavery and kill Ibec and his crew." 

But Aman said, "No, uncle, I don't want to kill anyone, and you haven't heard what the magician said. He said to help people, not to kill. What you are saying is revenge; I will not take revenge. I will use this power to change Ibec and his people to make them better." Adam then said, "By only killing them I can avenge the death of your parents and my wife." But Aman grabbed his uncle and said, "We are not killers like them, uncle. We will correct them & make them better human beings." 

However, then Adam realized that he can't take revenge on Ibec if Aman was alive, so he told Aman "Let's check our power". Then when Aman looked up at the sky to say SHAZAM, then Adam grabbed Aman's face, killed him & took all Aman's power in him. He then became the Black Adam and killed all the troops of Ibek in Khandaq, including many ordinary people who were there. Then he forced everyone into his slavery. 

Summary: Origin Story of Black Adam

According to the Black Adam comics, this was the origin. Although the comic introduced him as the most powerful villain, some say that DC will include him in the film as Anti-hero. Let's see what they come up with. Although Black Adam created a name for himself as a villain for a long time, he could not be labelled as a villain because of the activities and motives behind it. Almost all of Black Adam's actions are aimed at ensuring the best possible welfare for his realm Khandaq and its residents. That is why he is ready to do what must be done. Whoever stands in his way, hero or villain, is willing to use all means necessary to get him out of the way. That's why he was considered as an antihero in many cases and now writers are putting him on the comic page as an antihero.

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