Dune Movie Review and Film Summary (2021)

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Dune Movie Review 2021


Dune was regarded as unfilmable among science fiction classics. David Lynch tried it earlier but failed miserably. Finally, Denis Villeneuve, one of the finest directors of the earlier decade, has brought an ensemble cast to the big screen. Denis is a director with a lot of foresight. In Blade Runner 2049, he showed his worth, and in Dune, he outdid himself. In this blog, you are going to read an honest review and film summary of the movie Dune 2021.

Movie Info

Movie Name - Dune

Genre - Sci-Fi, Adventure

Director - Denis Villeneuve

Release Date (Theaters) - October 21, 2021 (USA)

Main Casts - Timothée Chalamet (Paul Atreides). Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica), Oscar Isaac (Duke Leto Atreides), Josh Brolin (Gurney Halleck), Stellan Skarsgård (Baron Vladimir Harkonnen), Jason Momoa (Duncan Idaho)

IMDB Rating - 8.2/10

Rottentomatoes Score - 83%

Budget - $165 million

Box office Collection - $397.7 million

Background of Dune

Movie franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner, Terminator, Hunger Games, Mad Max, and others; TV show franchises such as Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Vikings, Prison Break, Money Heist, and others - set in the future, apocalyptic worlds, vampire-ghost-fantasy worlds, and alien planets, etc. The tale of the imperialist ruler vs the revolutionary-exploited ordinary people or troops is depicted metaphorically in the environment of various characters. 

However, stories like spaceships, intergalactic wars, futuristic technology, alien invasions, time travel, thrill-filled space in unknown space, and so on are indeed more popular in cosmic nothingness. On the one hand, these, such as children's novels, can expand the human mind's imagination; on the other hand, a lot of business has been profitable as cosmic science fiction. Behind their varied imaginations, writer-makers have also communicated their political ideas covertly. 

Beginning of Dune

Frank Herbert was the first to reach a breakthrough in this situation. The novel Dune by the American science fiction writer is unquestionably the forefather of all modern space fantasies. Dune is one of the most renowned and influential works of science fiction. Frank Herbert's series, which began in 1975, has inspired dozens of science fiction and fantasy works. The main inspiration for the most popular science fiction movie Star Wars series, was Dune! This masterwork has finally made it to the public at large!  

A deadly weapon called Planet Crusher, a spaceship fighting in space, racing at the speed of light, searching for life on a different planet or galaxy, not just in the space world, but in our world far away in any galaxy, Frank Herbert wrote everything for the first time in his novel Dune, which has been adapted into several films. He has authored five more books in the Dune franchise, for a total of six, since the first novel was released in 1975. After he died, a new generation of authors continued the story. Dune, directed by David Lynch, was also released at the time, in 1984. However, because of the technological limitations of the '80s, it did not work. Finally, on October 22nd 2021, the first film in this massive franchise, Dune Part 1, was released. 

From Novel to Movie

The whole cast and crew, including director Denis Villeneuve, actors, cinematographer Greg Fraser, and sound director Hans Zimmer, put their everything into making Dune. Director Villeneuve has made the most of his chance to adapt a 14-year-old novel for the big screen. Each shot captures the enthusiasm of a Dune Lover. Without a profound affection for the underlying material, such honest storytelling would have been unthinkable. It seemed like Villeneuve let his inner Dune nerd complete creative power when seeing the film. 

The most exciting aspect of Dune's first book was that, even though the narrative occurred 10,000 years after our own, the subject matter appeared extremely familiar and current. Villeneuve has succeeded in conveying that sense to the spectator in this film. Herbert drew attention to the evil aspect of life on all levels: political, social, and religious. 

The direction of Denis Villeneuve 

The direction is one of the key aspects of our review of the movie Dune (2021). Denis Villeneuve's first films were in the criminal, thriller, and drama genres. But then he shifted his focus to science fiction. Hardcore Sci-Fi - Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 were his last two films before Dune (2021). Denis Villeneuve prefers a slow buildup virtually all of the time. He also applied this strategy in Arrival and Blade Runner. 

The irony is that he made those two films as a warm-up for Dune. His goal was to develop Dune from the start. But because of its scope, it required to be adapted into a few other science fiction films. That is why he produced those two films. After seeing his direction in Dune, Christopher Nolan recently showered praise on it, calling it "one of the best combinations of VFX and cinematography he has ever seen." 

Brief Plot

10190 AD is the date in the future—a massive cosmos with hundreds of millions of planets and satellites scattered across space. A cosmic spacecraft may transport you from one planet to another in a second. The 'Spice' serves as the vehicle's fuel. Which can only be found on the desert planet 'Arrakis.' The residents of this desert use 'Spice' as an intoxicant, and army feudal lords from other worlds occasionally visit to collect 'Spice.' The one with the most control over this 'Spice' is the one who is the most powerful. As a result, the House Atreides was sent to that desert world to Arrakis from the ocean planet Caladan. What happened next? 

Story Development

Even though it is a high-budget sci-fi film, the first large-scale action scene occurs after one and a quarter hours. The prior period had been devoted entirely to developing the characters of a complex universe. However, the storyline did not appear to be sluggish. With science fiction, mythology, and a supernatural mix were fun. On the other hand, the ending came out of nowhere and was completely anti-climactic. That is the consequence of splitting a tale in two. The storyline moves slowly, perhaps not as smoothly as 'individual' storytelling in a single movie; the answers to many questions, and possibly more, remain until the film's conclusion. The action sequences are brief. In a nutshell, this is a mix from Game of Thrones, crossed with Star Wars from the twenty-first century. 

Casting & Acting 

Timothée Chalamet was made for the role of Paul Atreides! What an impressive performance! After Paul, the role of Rebecca Ferguson's Lady Jessica was the most important in the rest of the show. The film played a significant role in Paul and Jessica's mother-son connection, and Rebecca Ferguson's portrayal was crucial to the relationship's success. Ferguson was ideal for the character of Lady Jessica since she was strong, vulnerable, and emotional. In the novel, Oscar Isaac plays all the characters Picked up as Duke Leto, Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, Javier Bardem as Stilgar and Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban and Zendaya as Chani. Zendaya's role was small in this movie as she will play a bigger role in the sequel. 

Cinematography & Visual Effects

There's nothing more to say about visual effects; see for yourself. The Wide Screen Cameras work has constantly reminded me of how insignificant individuals are in the desert. The movie's cinematography was fantastic, with ultra-realistic visual effects. There is no shortage of visual effects in any location. The visual display is more appealing. The way they are envisioned deserves appreciation, from the scorching desert to the expanse of the planes. 

Background Music

On a technical level, Dune will surely win the Academy Award for Best Picture. But, among all these things, music is my favourite. Hans Zimmer, as always, has put his heart and soul into the soundtrack for this film. Zimmer declined an opportunity to collaborate on Nolan's Tenet for this film's score. 

Summary of dune 2021 movie review

Dune is a visual masterpiece. Those expecting a standard action film will not be happy. According to the story, there is as much action as needed. There was not much to be fascinated by in the story. And in the first part, the story remained unfinished, leaving a little dissatisfaction. However, the film's success is dependent on the visual effects, the massive set, and Hans Zimmer's background music. Characterization, visual graphics, cinematic beauty, and eye-catching performance are the true highlights of this film. With the box office success of Dune, part two will be developed. Denis Villeneuve will return as director. So, overall, this film is a must-see for fans of science fiction, sci-fi genres, stunning cinematography, and character development.

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