Powers of Upcoming DC Anti Hero Black Adam

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Black Adam Powers


DC Universe's most powerful superhero, Black Adam's live-action movie, is coming soon. Dwayne Johnson will play the role of Black Adam. His physical constitution implies that he can carry the power of the Egyptian gods. That's why the character of Black Adam is very suitable for him. He has acted as an action hero many times in the past. Besides, he is a wrestler. Where the character of Black Adam is also quite quarrelsome, that is why the hype for the movie has increased. Most importantly, it is a dream project of Dwayne Johnson. That is why he has worked tirelessly for the movie. In addition to this, another powerful character of the movie, Doctor Fate is playing the role of our beloved ex-James Bond Pierce Brosnan. This is the first superhero character of his career that his audience is all excited about because the character of Doctor Fate is full of magic and dark elements like Marvel's Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. So, the action between Black Adam and Doctor Fate is going to be epic. This blog will give you a detailed idea of the powers of Black Adam.

Character Analysis 

Anyway, back to the Black Adam character. You know that Black Adam does terrible things. However, in most cases, he has a good motive behind these bad deeds. He kills many villains, including psycho pirates, for the good of Kahndaq. The villains also live in fear of Black Adam. No one wants to lose their life in a state where there is Black Adam. To Black Adam, both heroes and villains are equal if they fight against him. He does not value life. However, this is not entirely true. Although outwardly cruel, he was not always like that. He changed a lot for his wife Isis. He also loved his brother Osiris. Their death drove him insane later. 

The following storyline is more likely to follow in the Black Adam movie which is going to be released in 2022. Black Adam is also likely to appear as Shazam's villain later. Ahead of the movie's release, Dwayne Johnson hopes to have an action between Black Adam and Henry Cavill's Superman in the future, and he will do so. However, after the release of the movie, it will be understood how much this new anti-hero of DC can win the hearts of the audiences. Black Adam will be released on July 29, 2022. Since there is a possibility of Superman and Shazam's action with Black Adam in the near future, the question remains about the powers of Black Adam. So, let's take a look at the samples of Black Adam powers. 

Strength of Black Adam 

  • Black Adam broke Shazam's hand once. 
  • Black Adam can break the contract of Kyle Rayner, one of the best Green Lanterns 
  • Orion, who is the foster son of Darkseid's son Highfather, and a new god like them, Black Adam collides with him almost equally. 
  • Black Adam overpowers the Atom Smasher (Note that the Atom Smasher will also be present in the Black Adam movie) 
  • Black Adam can create a huge sonic wave in one of his palms which is also called sonic clap 
  • Specter, which is the physical appearance or incarnation of DC Comic’s omnipotent The Presence's Vengeance, once Black Adam pierces him and flies away. 
  • Black Adam retaliates by hitting Superman and knocking him to the ground 
  • He hits harder than the meteorite that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 
  • Black Adam simply loops an aircraft carrier into air. 
  • After losing his power, Black Adam kills a Yeti in a fight as a common man. 
  • Once Black Adam defeated Hawkman in a slightly weaker condition (Note that Hawkman will also be seen in the Black Adam movie). 
  • Power Girl who is a cousin of Superman's other universe, Black Adam gives her one shot by his sonic clap. 
  • Black Adam was able to defeat Billy Batson alias Shazam after he replaced the magician, Shazam. 
  • Black Adam was able to defeat a physical incarnation of Death, even though Death's power was further enhanced by the power gained from the deaths of millions of people at that time. 
  • Once, while Black Adam was trying to kill Atom Smasher, Shazam tried to hold him but failed. 
  • An Android called Amazo that can copy the power of almost any superhuman and occasionally fights with Justice League and other superhero teams including Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc. Black Adam tore his head off once. 

Speed of Black Adam 

  • Jay Garric aka Flash must go beyond his usual speed to keep pace with Black Adam. 
  • Before a suicide bomber could detonate his explosive-laden bomb, Black Adam picked him up, ripped off his arm, and detonated the bomb. 
  • Black Adam travels hundreds of miles in just two or three seconds 

The Durability of Black Adam 

  • During the fight, Black Adam once denounced the blow of Mary Marvel, a member of the Shazam family. 
  • Once upon a time, Black Adam started laughing at the thunderbolt given by Doctor Fate. 
  • Despite being punched by an angry Superman, Black Adam stood up as if nothing had happened. 
  • Once Power Girl's hit vision doesn't have much of an impact on Black Adam. 

Mental Resistance of Black Adam 

  • Black Adam also once freed himself from the telepathic hypnotism of the Martian manhunter. 
  • Once upon a time, Martian Manhunter was forced by telepathy to see images of all the people killed by Black Adam, causing the Martian Manhunter to fly away screaming. 

Black Adam’s Defeating List 

  • Black Adam has a record of killing millions of people in just 36 hours. 
  • He kills a strong telepath villain named Psycho Pirate with just two fingers. 
  • The Martian Manhunter was knocked out once by a thunderbolt that struck Black Adam's Shazam Lightning that he creates by saying the word ‘Shazam’ & transforms into Black Adam. 
  • The entire Justice Society of America team was once defeated by Black Adam alone. 
  • He once defeated Doom Petrol alone. 
  • Black Adam single-handedly beats the Teen Titans which was an absolute insult to them. 
  • Black Adam once had a fierce battle with the Legion of Heroes. Although he loses the fight, a few other heroes, including Alan Scott, had to retrieve him and, with the help of a Martian Manhunter's Psychic Attack and some sorcerers like Shazam and Zatana, had to summon him to a thunderbolt that turns him into a normal human. 
  • Black Adam has naturally defeated the Marvel family more than once. 
  • In the comics, Black Adam physically and mentally destroys the Martian manhunter. 

Some Interesting Facts of Black Adam 

  • Black Adam derives his power from the Rock of Eternity. Through Rock of Eternity, he does not borrow the power of the gods but copies them. In terms of power, Shazam and Black Adam sometimes surpass even those gods. 
  • According to some of the comic's storylines, Black Adam never returns to his human form. Because if he does, his age will catch up with him and he will die at that age. 
  • In the Superman/Shazam: Return of Black Adam (2010) movie, Superman and Shazam had to work hard & suffer a lot to stop him. 
  • Black Adam has proved that without his magical powers, he can be a huge threat. He has lost his strength in comics several times. In the ‘World War 3’ storyline, when Shazam disconnects him from the power of Black Adam, he travels around the world to revive his dead wife, Isis. He gathers a huge force, monsters and faces adversity as an ordinary man. 
  • Black Adam was Sinestro's best friend in the ‘Forever Evil’ storyline. Helping Sinestro at the time, Sinestro presented him with a yellow lantern ring as a friend of the Green Lantern Corps. 
  • For Black Adam, Ultraman, the evil version of Superman, was once defeated. As a result, the heroes were happy and removed Black Adam's criminal record at that time. 
  • Black Adam also worked for the Suicide Squad. The Justice Society of America also received help from him. He has a good friendship with Atom Smasher, an important member of the Justice Society of America. 

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